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Lost Towns
What Price Water?

The construction of the Ashokan Reservoir and the Catskill Aqueduct to provide
NYC with water has been likened to the building of the Panama canal,
but underneath the water lies another side of the
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The Current Grahamsville, NY Newspaper

Lost towns shown in Red: Eureka, Montela and Lackawack

New signs commemorate lost towns
MARGARETVILLE, N.Y.,  June 15, 2004 -  Road signs are being installed  this summer marking
the former  locations of 26 communities  displaced by  five New York City reservoirs  in the Catskill
Region.  The signs are  part  of  a  commemorative  project coordinated by the Catskill Watershed
Corporation(CWC in cooperation  with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.
(DEP). In 2002,  six roadside exhibits  were  erected  - one at each reservoir - to explain the histor-
ies of the former towns, and the building of the vast New York City water system.
New signs have been installed in the Rondout basin, signs pay tribute to three towns:
Eureka, Montela and Lackawack.

View of the Rondout Reservoir looking North from Route 55
A few Old Pictures of the old lost towns
Pictures could date back to the early 1800s. If anyone can put a date
to a picture or would like to submit an old picture of the lost towns please
email the date or picture to me and I will post it and give you a mention
Thank You

Lackawack Falls

Lackawack Summer View

Lackawack in the Fall

Lackawack in the Fall. Shields Hotel at the Far Right

Lackawack Main Street looking South. Large building
on the left is the Shields Hotel.

Lackawack Main Street and Shields Hotel

Lackawack Shields Hotel colorized Post Card. It was built
by John Sheils in the 1880s.

Another view of the Lackawack, NY Shields Hotel
Lackawack One Room School

Lackawack Post Office

Ice Harvest

Lackawack Lake

Road to Lackawack, NY 1921

Lackawack, NY West Home. 1909. Operated by Earl West.

Lackawack West Home

Swimming in the Rondout Stream near Lackawack, NY

Sheep farming on Sheil's farm. Lackawack, NY

Water Falls on the Rondout Stream at Lackawack, NY

The Old Lackawack Mill

Lackawack Souvenir Store 1920

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