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 The Chestnut Wood Barn as it is today
This is a copy of the email I recieved about the Chestnut Wood Barn as it is today!

I am attaching  pics  of this house as it looks today. My son and his family, Jeff, Renee' Simerson,
 bought  the  house  in 2002  (I think I  have the right year). We enjoy many visits to their home each
year when we travel from Florida to NY. We have enjoyed reading the information on your website
 pertaining to Grahamsville NY and especially the information about the house.
Bea Kyles
Palmetto, Florida

Here are pictures that Bea sent of the old barn as it looks now!

Great front view of the as it looks today
Brings back a lot of fond memories!

And a view of the back

Work still in progess

Great stone work. Adds a touch of the country look.

A follow up email from Bea

Thanks for your quick  reply.  My daughter  in  law actually located your website and we
 had a great time with it. My son and daughter in law would be honored  to have the pics
published  along with their names.  The tree on the right side facing the house became
 3 trees  in one and was over 65 feet tall.   Ants or some other wood loving insects were
 not kind to it, and although it was beautiful,after a broken windshield and other damage
 from the trees the decision was made to take it down. It will be missed.

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