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The following Post Cards and Grahamsville Tidbits
are from Gloria Kuhlmann Thompson
Mr. Winters,
Attached are postcards from the Karla Earnst Bates Collection. (A cousin of mine on Briggs side). My great Grandmother was Adella Briggs Sheley- married to Paul Andreas Sheley postmaster of Bull Run in Ulster County, NY- name changed to Peekamoose, NY in 1904. Paul A. Sheley was Postmaster of Bull Run/ Peekamoose from1894-1906. Adella Briggs was a sister of William Alonzo
Briggs Sr. – prosperous Claryville Merchant.
Karla Earnst Bates- daughter of Karl and Eleanor Briggs Ernst.
Eleanor Briggs was a daughter of Ozias D. and Nellie Hoar Briggs.
(Nellie was a daughter of Dr. W. H. H. Hoar of Grahamsville and Emily Bryers Hoar. Emily’s father was Rev. J. Bryers- Methodist minister and was a pastor of several churches in NY including the Grahamsville Methodist Church in late 1800s.
Gloria Kuhlmann Thompson
(My grandmother’s 1/2 brother was Fred Ackerley. Adella Briggs’ 1st husband was Elisha G. Ackerley and they lived in peekamoose not far from the Blue Hole. Elisha Ackerley was a farmer and also worked in logging industry- probably the Jacob Coddington Saw Mill in Peekamoose- located on stream above the Blue Hole in 1870s- 1880s. Elisha Ackerley died in 1880 by being crushed by a fallen tree.
Elisha G. Ackerley and Adella Briggs:
2 children” Fred Hansee Ackerley and Burr Ackerley.
Fred Ackerley had 2 sons: Fred Ackerley and Arthur B. Ackerley of Grahamsville. Arthur operated service station and small store in Grahamsville on Route 55 near road that leads up to Claryville.

Front-Grahamsville  Flirtation Bridge or also called the Reynolds Bridge

Back--Grahamsville  Flirtation Bridge or also called the Reynolds Bridge

Chestnut Stream Lover's Glen

Postcard of William Alonzo Briggs Sr- Claryville, NY merchant. and
 postcards sent to son Ozias D. Briggs of Claryville, NY

Back-Postcard of William Alonzo Briggs Sr- Claryville, NY merchant. and
 postcards sent to son Ozias D. Briggs of Claryville, NY

William Alonzo Briggs Sr- Claryville, NY merchant.

Photo of Ozias D. Briggs on wedding day- married Nellie Hoar- daughter
of Dr. W. H. H. Hoar- Grahamsville physician and principle stock holder of
 the Grahamsville Knife Factory- Grahamsville Cutlery Company

Front-Denman Mountain of Grahamsville, NY
Mr. Winters,
Postcards  written   to  Ozias D. Briggs  and  wife  Nellie Hoar  Briggs   from   Nellie’s
mother- Emily  Bryers Hoar- wife of  Dr. W. H. H. Hoar and from  her sister Edna Hoar
 Krum. Some  postcards  sent  from  William  Alonzo Briggs  Sr to son Ozias D. Briggs
 of Claryville- from Florida and from Battle of  Lookout Mountain Museum in Tennessee.
 W.  A.  Briggs  Sr fought  in  the  143rd  NY  Regiment in the Civil War- Sullivan County
 Regiment   and  fought  in  the  Battle  of  Lookout Mountain.  Dr. Hoar  and  wife had 2
 daughters- Nellie  married  to  Ozias  D. Briggs  Ozias D. Briggs  and  brother William
Alonzo  Briggs Jr  took  over the Claryville store and lumbering business of their father
 William  Alonzo  Briggs  Sr. in 1906. Edna- married to Sumner Krum- mercantile store
 owner in Grahamsville, NY Krum’s Store and Postmaster of Grahamsville for many
years in early 1900s through 1920s. Gloria Thompson

Back-Denman Mountain of Grahamsville, NY

Front-Reformed Church, Grahamsville, NY

Back-Reformed Church, Grahamsville, NY

Mr. Winters,
Attached is information that I researched about the Grahamsville Knife Factory- Founders.
Grahamsville Knife Factory- principle stock holder was Dr. W. H. H. Hoar- Grahamsville physician. Dr. Hoar was owner of the Grist Mill property in Grahamsville that was transformed into the Grahamsville Knife Factory.
Postcard of the Grahamsville Knife Factory , and other Grahamsville postcards- were given to me by Carla Ernst Bates- great grand daughter of Dr. W. H. H. Hoar of Grahamsville, NY and William Alonzo Briggs Sr.- Claryville, NY – a prosperous land owner, lumber dealer, merchant
Ozias D.“Ozzie” or “Ozias” “Oziah” born 1883 in Claryville, NY
Died Jan 29, 1917 in a NYC Hospital after a Gall Bladder operation
Married Nellie Hoar, daughter of Dr. William H.H. Hoar and Emily Hoar
Dr. WHH Hoar was Town Supervisor for Grahamsville, NY in 1896
Lived on Red Hill in Claryville. later moved to Grahamsville, NY
Nellie Hoar: Born 1887 and Died 1971 Buried in Grahamsville Rural Cemetery
1st marriage to Ozias D. Briggs
2nd marriage to Harold Bryers of NYC. Married June 9, 1934 in Ellenville, NY
Address: 133 East Main Street, Washingtonville, NY 10992
Children of Ozias D. Briggs and Nellie Hoar Briggs:
Nellie Briggs
Robert O. Briggs
Eleanor Emma Briggs b. 1909 according to 1920 Census
d. Monday, Aug. 10, 1998 Orange City, Florida,
Volusia County, (near Orlando.)
Lankford Funeral Home, Orange City
Occupation: teacher
(Eleanor’s brother Robert O. Briggs also moved to Orange City, Florida when he retired)
+ Herman Karl Ernst b. in Saxony, Germany
(Son of Fritz C. and Minna Germer Ernst)
Married: Thurs. Sept 21, 1933 in Brooklyn City Chapel
Their residence: 1157 Putnam Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Teacher
They had:
2 daughters,
Ruth E. Ernst Wilson, Born Nov. 17, 1933
Died Feb. 9, 2001 in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Married Robert J. Wilson 3rd
3 sons:
Karla Ernst Bates, Lives in Cobleskill, N.Y.;
Retired teacher
Married John S. Bates Jr.– former Sheriff of Schoharie County, NY
Children: 2 sons
Book: "The History of Ulster County" by Alphonso T. Clearwater published in 1907, republished in 2007 Volume 2 of the book, page 559 (It is a 2 volume book)
W. A Briggs, (William Alonzo Briggs) a prominent merchant and manufacturer of Claryville, Ulster County, was born at Grahamsville, Sullivan County in 1843. He obtained his education at the schools of his native place, and when Civil War was declared enlisted in company C, 143rd NYV serving 3 years. In 1866 he established a general mercantile business, and subsequently engaged in the manufacture of lumber, shingles, furniture hoops, and piano bars, giving employment to over 40 men. Possessed of keen sagacity and enterprise, Mr. Briggs is one of the most successful men in the community. His real estate holdings in Ulster County covering over 1000 acres.
Mr. Briggs married Miss Abigail Dixon, and their family consists of John, now travelling salesman for the Winchester Arms Company; W. A. Briggs, Jr. and O. D. (Ozias D.) who have succeeded their father in the management of the store under the firm name of
"W. A. Briggs' Sons"; Harrison; Ella Briggs; Inda; and Martha
William Alonzo Briggs bought the Claryville store from his uncle Jesse C. Hansee in 1866. The current Claryville Post Office is in part of the former store of Jesse C. Hansee and nephew William Alonzo Briggs Sr- later the store and lumbering establishment run by sons
Ozias D. and William Alonzo Briggs Jr- as W. A. Briggs Sons.

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