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Grahamsville Weekly News 1925
Local News Items of Interest


Montela Main Street showing the Post Office and Motel  

Another Montela Main Street view.. Early 1900's

Montela old Wooden Bridge across the Rondout Stream

Montela Lumber Camp in the Mountains 1908

 Montela old wooden bridge crossing

Montela Mill

Montela Sawkill Falls

The reservoir was made possible
 by the construction  along the Rondout Creek Construction began in 1937
 and  ended in 1954, three years later the reservoir began delivering water.  It would be the first of four built
 by the city to satisfy its growing  demand in the  years  after  World War I I .

Pictures below are of that time period 1938-39-40
showing some of the work in progress and some of the
equipment used at that time.

The following pictures were given to this web site by
Mrs.Virginia L. Brackman and Mr. Tim Champagne
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Me, Bill Winters, Jr at age 16 working on the Lackawack, NY Dam  on  Grizzly #2 in  the  summer of 1947
Photo taken by my good friend the late Richard Gibbons. His Step Dad Jerry Rayburn, Safety Engineer is
the  one  who  got us  our summer jobs at Lackawack and the Neversink, NY Dam in the summer of 1948
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Left:View of the caisson at base of the dam  Right:Another view of caisson  at the base of the dam

Left:Mr. E. Robinson Sandra. Right: Mr. Bryers July 3, 1938           Right: Site of the Caffer Dam July 3 1938

Left: Bottom Dump Euclid. Wheel was 60 inches high. July 3,1938  Right: 1939-40 view of the old Lackawack Road

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